Aeran Tribal Alliance

The Aeran Tribal Alliance is the governing body of the Aeran people. It lays claims to the Eastern portion of Myrkur.

Tribal Alliance is a council of representatives from every tribe across there nation, and in total, four seperate ‘Tribal Councils’ exist, one for each of the cities, and one that represents the nation as a whole, seated in the Aeran capital of the Eerie.

Each tribe may have its own form of government, but each has at least two ‘leaders’. The official ‘leader’ is the one that holds office in the city the tribe is in, the other holds a seat at the Eerie, representing its tribes interests at the national level.

Larger tribes may have people in more than one of the Aeran cities, and as such, if the population of the tribe is large enough to warrant it, it may have representatives on more than one city’s tribal council.

National Law and Government is determined and run by the Alliance Council (The National Level Governing body) And all people within Aeran lands are subject to there rule. City specific governing is run by the City Councils, and there jurisdiction falls within each city’s ‘hold’. The citizen of each hold is subject to those particular laws. Finally, the different tribes themselves may also have their own laws and customs for their own members, but their law is unenforceable outside the tribe. The severest punishment a tribe leader can bestow upon one of his own would be branding them an exile, a humiliating and severe punishment among the Aeran.

Aeran Tribal Alliance

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