Athalian Empire

An Empire founded under the principals of justice and equality in the name of Athalia, the Judge. A prosperous human nation, with a history of power-hungry and greedy kings.

It is an empire fixated on growth and a rise to become the most powerful and wealthy nation, its kings are shrewd diplomats and tacticians, who always seem to barter a deal which nets them more then they have to give up.

As a result, it is seen as slightly untrustworthy on the national scene, but it is powerful enough that none dare provoke a conflict with them, as outright war would be costly.

The Athalian army, though nothing ultimately special, is large in number, and competent enough to give even the Great Dragonborn armies a run for there money. As such, it is an empire that is dealt with most through Diplomacy.

The Athalian Empire employs the feudal system in its governance, with the King and Queen at the top of the food chain, followed by the The city lords, who are served by nobles. Next come the artisan and craftsman, with farmers, peasants and slaves taking hold of the bottom rung of society.

Athalian Empire

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