Pagian Cities

The Pagian people are divided into a caste system, based mostly on birth, but occasionally on merit.

The castes are as follows:

The Pinnacle:
The Caste responsible for the leadership of the Pagi. Bred to be shrewd diplomats, and to act decisively, they are trained from birth to lead their people.

The Frozen Ones:
Responsible for the running of the Temple of Water and Ice, and all religious activities. They also oversee the training of the elite warriors of the blizzard caste responsible for guarding the temple.

The Blizzard:
Born and bred warriors, the Pagi of the storm are the only ones who can become the Ice Warriors; the soldiers responsible for enforcing law, protecting the pagi, and dealing out the Four Face God’s will.

The Ice Smiths:
Builder’s, Craftsmen, and Merchants of the Pagi, responsible for all trade, manufacture and construction for their people

The Snow Herders:
Caste responsible for the aqcuiring of foodstuffs and other primary goods, such as furs and Ice for the Ice smiths.

Pagian Cities

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