The Empire of Giraz

A secretive empire, based on an alliance between Illithid, Ettercap, and Yuan-ti, it is one that is extremely xenophobic and untrustworthy of other races. As such, the only city which other races are allowed into (generally only for trading purposes) is Nirall, at the edge of the Blackvine.

Like the Pagi, the Empire of Giraz is based on a caste system centered around race, and the abilities inherent to each. The major difference between the Girazian caste system and the Pagian, is that each Girazian caste has its own military branch.

The Illithid form the Hierarchy, the leader caste. There mastery of psionics and mental power give them the edge needed to be cunning, intelligent and crafty leaders. The Illithids form the leadership of most of the Empires armies, as well as having a couple of Elite Groups of warriors, honed with martial, psionic and arcane power.

The Yuan-ti form the Fang, which provide the bulk of the empire’s hunters and warriors.

The Ettercap are known as the Drones, which is responsible for most craftmanship, under the leadership of either the Yuan-ti or the Illithids. When at war, the Ettercaps also act as a form of pseudo-calvary for the Empire.

The Empire of Giraz

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