The Ge


Held together by there mental willpower alone, the Ge are a race of stone and desert sand given consciousness. They are a nomadic and reserved people, very big on tradition. Neutrally aligned, this race was created to act as the guardian of the desert, for the Four Faced God. There native language (also Ge) heard by non-Ge is similar to that of rocks being slammed together, It can be deep and booming, but it also consists of grinding and clacking sounds, making it difficult for non-Ge to speak. Their voices are deep and booming when speaking common, interjected every so often with the distinct sound of stone hitting stone.
They are unique in that they do not need to eat or drink, but they must rest there minds for an extended period of time. Prolonged periods of ‘wakefullness’ can cause the Ge to literally fall apart. When sleeping, Ge resemble a pile of stones.

The Average Ge is between 6-7 feet tall, weighing in between 200-300 lbs of solid rock. They have a propensity for psionics and martial powers, as well as a few elemental priests dedicated to the worship of the Four Faced God.

The Ge, being nomadic, generally form into wandering tribes.

A note on reproduction → Very unique, about twice a year, a group of 4 or more Ge will gather, and bind there collective consciousnesses together. This process gives rise to one single new Ge. This process is very mentally draining, and all Ge involved in conception will generally rest for up to a week after the act.

The Ge

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