The Gods and Demi-Gods


The Watcher
- First God, God of Gods

The Dreamer
- First born of The Watcher, most powerful god aside from The Watcher

Dece, The Trickster
- Devious God of Trickery

The Shaper
- God of imagination and Change

The Keeper
- God of All Knowledge

Roalia, The World God
- This god is literally the planet

The Four Faced God
- The God of the Four elements, earth, wind, fire and water

Rennen, The Warrior
- God of Strength and war, survival of the fittest

Athalias, the Judge
- God of absolutes, and ends over means

Vera, The Wanderer
- Goddess of Exploration, and Nature

Merilos, The Gatekeeper
-God of Portals and Hindrance


Komor, The Shadow
- Being from the Nightmare Realms, shadow given life, darkness given form

Izurr, The Plague
- Being from the Nightmare Realms, a living corpse, riddled with disease, but much more than undead

Abyz, The Historian
-Servant of the Keeper, watches over time, and records the history of Roalia

The Muse of The Shaper
-Servant to the Shaper, a being with a love of change and progress

The Great Dragons
-Four immortal Dragons, that serve as influence and leaders of Dragon-kind and Dragonborn

The Gods and Demi-Gods

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