The Qaran


Black like there creator they came from, dark as night, yet not oppressive as Komor, for they were mortal. Humanoid in shape and form, with no other discernible features visible upon there sanguine frames. They had mouths, black as coal, and eyes, dark as jet. They could see perfectly in the dark, and were well suited to it, but were not fond of the sun. It gave away there position, and they were sensitive to it. They called themselves the Qara, but were known by most as the ‘Shadows’

In the years prior to the Elemental War, there was a schism amongst the Qaran. Those who stayed loyal to Komor, became known as the Komorians.

The others considered themselves the true Qaran, and founded the empire of Qaray. There time spent near the blackvine jungle has given the true Qaran’s a distinct physical difference from the Komorians. Qaran’s have emerald eyes, instead of the historical jet black.

The Qaran

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