The Story of The Gods

Chaos and The Void

In the beginning there were two. There was the void. Nothing in its entirety, if that can be said to be possible.

There was also the swirling chaotic abyss, which contained everything that is, was and ever could be. It was all of time, and all of matter, all at once.

The Watcher

At some indescribable time, a being of fortitude great enough to separate himself emerged from the abyss, and fled deep into the emptiness of the void, Bringing with him a great deal of that which was contained within the Chaotic Abyss.

The first thing this being did, to distance himself from the Chaotic Abyss as much as possible, He created a place of his own, a realm of light and crystal, which would bear the name of the Glass Palace. It was a beacon of light in the Void.

This being then created to more beings. They were both given a portion of his own power, but one was given much more than the other. Being ever mindful of the disparity between the two, the being gave the weaker of the two cunning and intelligence vastly superior to that of the first. After this, the being retreated back to the Glass Palace, and watched, and this is where he remains, simply as an observer, and is known to the gods that came after him as The Watcher.

The Dreamer and The Trickster

The first created went about calling more beings of power into this world, from the matter that The Watcher brought with him from the Chaotic Abyss. The first to be created was of immense proportions physically, and had very little in the way of sentience, but was very easily molded. Ever silent, this one was known as Roalia, and was the World to come itself.

The second in his turn begat the Keeper of Knowledge, who he gave domain over all that could be known.

The first smiled at his siblings creation, and looked back to his first creation, seeing it as a blank canvas, he brought three more beings into life:
First, he raised a god of Four Faces, and directly connected it to Roalia, giving it domain over the four main elements that ran rampant across the face of Roalia. It was to be known as ‘The Four Faced God’
Second, he brought a being of great imagination, to aid in further shaping the world. As such, he was dubbed ‘The Shaper’.
Finally, he brought a peaceful deity to wander the face Roalia, and dubbed her the Wanderer. The first to name herself, she chose ‘Vera’

The second looked on in envy at his brother’s power.

The first, unaware of his brother’s envy, brought two more beings to the world. There was a great warrior god, whom always strove for the best, regardless of cost. He was called Rennen.
Then there was a god to counter Rennen, to look in the best interest of the others. This God of Judgement was known as Athalias.

The second could take it no longer, and enacted a devious plan. He brought a being capable of instantaneous travel into the world, and with his aid, opened a new realm, with a gate on Roalia. In this realm he fashioned a throne, in a large and grand room. He, in the guise of a gift, brought the first into this realm, and bade him sit on the throne, and close his eyes. Once he did, the first fell into a deep sleep, and in his dreams, created two entirely new versions of Roalia. The first fled the Dreamer, as he was now to be known, and sealed the gate behind him. The other god’s scorned him, and mocked him, dubbing him the Trickster.

The Gods then went about shaping and breathing life into Roalia

The Story of The Gods

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